What is MindSumo?
MindSumo.com is a place where you get money for solving interesting real-world problems. (No need to solve. Just propose feasible solutions) Win $50-500 per challenge. Most of the problems aren’t even hard. Plus there’s less competition among participants; easy money.

1. Money Money Money
Get $5 (with promo code: ADRIANC) + $30 bonus when signing up.
Verify your email after signup. Then start solving challenges, cash out through PayPal. Enjoy!

Complete these steps to get your $65 first:
After you sign up with promo code, you’ll have $35.
Solve 1st challenge and receive $25, will take half an hour at max.
Link your LinkedIn account for $5 more.
You’ll now have $65. Then all you need is solve problems and bank. Cashout amount is $100.

Note: You DO need a .edu email address to sign up since MindSumo is for students or those affiliated with educational institutions. When you use promo code ADRIANC, you get $5 and I get $1.

Questions? Post below and I will answer.

2. Find Employment / Internships
When you used Mindsumo you are essentially letting companies know about you. When you complete challenges the companies get to see your proposal and if they really like it they may even contact you. You can also add your resume and experience to your profile which will help you get more recruiters knocking on your door.

3. Fill Your Resume
If your resume is still lacking content because you have been in school for the majority of your life you should get on Mindsumo. You can add your Mindsumo experiences to your resume to impress employers.

4. Solve Interesting Problems
How would package a meal that is eaten on the go? Use a Sports API to Predict Good Matchups. What is the ideal packaged ice cream cone product? These are some of the challenges that you will face at Mindsumo. The problems get even more interesting and futuristic. For example, Imagine new use cases where car and home work together.

5. Meet Mentors
At Mindsumo you can request to talk to a mentor for a challenge you are facing in real life. This gives you an opportunity to ask questions and get advice.